Chic, day to day products that are from renewable sources was the key idea that paved the way for our series of bamboo products. A few of the products are handmade, challenging us to set new benchmarks in the market for our niche product. The manufacturing process involves unskilled labor who were trained exclusively following our style to bring out the uniqueness that we hold close to our hearts.

Modular Units

The need for redefining next-gen aspects of dwellings with reduced land area, lead us to the development of modular home units. Creating a rational balance between the open and the semi-open spaces without compromising the privacy of the user limited to the dwelling unit area is the prime idea that envisions this product. We aim to replace the existing template of the micro-housing sector with our high functioning, Sustainable, home units

Furniture Design

Designer furniture made exclusively to suit your spaces, creating a wholesome experience for your homes. We take pride in using materials with a reduced carbon footprint enhancing sustainability with your every buy. Prioritising customers needs Fit outs that stand out from the many readily available alternatives to find their permanent place in your homes through us.