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Kitchen KIT Shine

KIT – Shine is a modern Kitchen design crafted around a large island
setup. The worktop imparts high-end functionality and aesthetics to the space.

The shelving give ample space to accommodate all your kitchen
essentials including the kitchen accessories while offering the desired durability and functionality, ensuring all you need is easy to reach.

Specification Details
Materials Used Marbles, Ply wood, Steel, Aluminium, and Brass
Kitchen Countertop Designer Black Marble
Door Shutter Ceiling height doors in plywood
Door Shutter - Height Up to 2700 mm
Shelves Tray Shelving
Door Handle Materials Antique Satin Brass
Kitchen Cabinets Rustic Raw oak
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Kitchen Clean Line

Clean Line is an impeccably designed kitchen with basic form and clean lines. It is a kitchen style with the geometric tradition of wall-sited kitchen blocks with modern materials like Terra Oak, glossy polyester lacquer, and Procelain kitchen countertop.

The glossy lacquer provides a neat and rich look to this modern kitchen design satisfying the taste of traditional as well as contemporary choices.

Specification Details
Materials Used Porcelain stone, Ply wood, Glossy lacquer, stainless steel
Kitchen Countertop Designer Porcelain stone
Door Shutter Material 16mm Plywood in sliding style
Kitchen Cabinets Finish Glossy lacquer
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Kitchen Versatile wood

Versatile wood kitchen design has a wooden kitchen counter as a centerpiece internally rafted with lit steel drawers, diminished depth work surfaces, and recessed handles.

The recessed kitchen cabinet doors reveal the oven, fridge pantry, and cellar. This modern Italian kitchen has got all the winning details with an attractive feature of doors that can be milled horizontally or vertically to create a play of lines.

Specification Details
Materials Used Stainless Steel, Wood, Matt Lacquer, Granite, Glass
Kitchen Countertop Teak Wood
Kitchen Drawers Internally lit steel drawers
Kitchen Cabinet Handles Recessed handles
Door Shutter material 16mm Plywood in sliding style
Kitchen Cabinets finish Matt lacquer
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Kitchen Corain V33

Corian V33 is a Kitchen Design that speaks the architectural language with a unique monolith that reinterprets the island concept.

The central attraction of the entire kitchen design is the Corian Kitchen counter top, which is wear and tear-resistant, water-resistant, temperature resistant.

The kitchen’s cooking area with the touch control burners and sink is all set to the monolith devoid of compromising on its volumetric harmony. Along with this modern kitchen design, there are infinite design possibilities all thanks to the imperceptible joints of Corian panels.

Specification Details
Materials Used Corian, Steel
Kitchen Countertop Corian Counter top
Kitchen Cabinet Handles Push to Open
Kitchen Cabinets finish Matt
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Kitchen Monolith

Monolith is a kitchen style includes the unique cavity cuts through the ice white monolith that creates the innovative additional storage space to keep the kitchen accessories and tools.

It includes the column kitchen cabinets with a space-saving system. The cavity cut through offers additional storage to keep the space uncluttered. The foldaway cabinet doors open out completely and also close perfectly.

Specification Details
Materials Used Plywood, Laminate with steel finish, Steel
Kitchen Countertop Natural Stone
Kitchen Cabinet Handles Full length Titanium Handle
Door Shutter System Slide with folding
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Carpentry TV Unit

Classy elegant TV unit with storage drawers, open and closed shelves,and back lighted wall panels

Wall mounted with open shelves

Free Standing



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Carpentry Pooja Unit

Pooja room is not only a sacred place but should also spread a positiveaura so that you can get into a divine state.

Classical fused with contemporary


Prayer Hall


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Carpentry Bedroom

Your bedrooms are arguably the most important rooms in your house. After all, the master bedroom is where you both start and end your day, while the guest bedroom is the place where you welcome those special overnight guests.

Standard contemporary


Suedue Wall

Periphery False Ceiling

Central False Ceiling

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Carpentry Wardrobe

The most frequently used furniture space in your bedroom, after the bed, is your wardrobe. It holds your hand-knitted sweaters, high-prized shoes, ripped jeans, classic leather belts, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, shorts and all the accessories that you cart from your favorite fashion store.

Hinged Wardrobe

Sliding Wardrobe

Stand-alone Wardrobe

Walk in Wardrobe

Space Efficient Wardrobe

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Carpentry Vanity Unit

A Vanity unit is a collection of Cabinet, Mirror, and a Washbasin. Daily usage of vanity units can create a mess around. To maintain everything in balance, the material of which a vanity unit is made up plays an important part. Usually, a vanity material must have all high standards features to prevent the surface from humidity or excess moisture.

Open shelf with minimalist design

Standard vanity with wooden Laminate doors

Handel less glossy finish doors

Contemporary styled PVC film doors

Dual units with flute panels